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Are non-black people not able to see the difference??? Black people don’t simply stop washing and grooming our hair to achieve locs. Locs (and EVERY OTHER STYLE WE WEAR including, but not limited to, braids, twists, afros, and even wigs/weaves) are the complete damn opposite of what white folk tried to tell us for hundreds of years was true. We are not, and have never been, a dirty or unkempt people. We have always taken pride in our appearance and our style has always been FAR more intricate than chunks of matted yuck! White people with dreads is top tier white privilege. 😖

I don’t wanna die before white people just let us be great. I want that to happen sometime in my earthly life. I want our hair and skin and lips and hips to be acceptable and not just sexualized. I want movies about Egypt to cast black folk as the slaves/servants AND the Pharaohs. I want black kids to go to the corner store for skittles and make it home in one piece, and if they DON’T I want whatever weapon formed against them to be found guilty.

I just…I’m so frustrated.

-end rant-

I know what you mean but I am white and I get long thin and sometimes thick dreads if I don’t get knots out almost daily. I have ridiculously curly hair and that’s most probably why it happens, not because of my skin colour.

What does this input have to do with anything she just said? Jesus. You guys can’t go a moment without bringing irrelevance on someones post when its not even about you

We as black people are literally being fucking extra at this point. Some white people don’t have dreads just to fuck with us, ya know. Some white people I know with dreads are Rastafarian. NOT EVERYTHING IS ABOUT RACE. Seriously.

k but u rong doe

a white rastafarian is an oxymoron

^^^^^ that

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